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June 26, 2023

Burger King Profile - John Martin

During Pride Month, we’re proud to highlight members of our Burger King team that help make us a more diverse and inclusive workplace. This month, we’re featuring John Martin, Senior Manager of System Integration and Marketing Execution Standards.  

John has worked for Restaurant Brands International (RBI) for more than two years and joined his current BK team in August 2022. In this role, John works cross-functionally with various teams across the brand, helping to keep information organized and communicating it effectively to other teams and stakeholders. He has always been passionate about helping his colleagues grow and learn, and he leads from a place of kindness.  

“It doesn’t matter what role you’re in – be kind and listen to others. One of the most important inclusive behaviors is simply saying hi to people and creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.”  

One of John’s favorite parts of working for Burger King is the fact that you’re given the opportunity to find the areas where you excel, and we are purposeful about allowing people to be themselves.

“Everything that Burger King does is very genuine, and we try to promote DE&I in an authentic way. We host panels and events, have groups like OUT at RBI, and we’ve been consistent in building the internal culture around hiring good, hardworking people - traits which translate across multiple levels of diversity.”  

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