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February 1, 2024

Burger King Profile- Steven MacArthur-Brooks

In honor of Black History Month, we are excited to continue spotlighting some of the exceptional faces behind the BK brand, including Steven MacArthur-Brooks, Director of Non-Traditional Restaurants for Burger King North America.

Steven has been with the brand for a little more than three years working closely with cross-functional teams and Franchisees to optimize the non-traditional BK restaurant experience. Non-traditional restaurants can include Burger Kings in airports, train stations, or amusement parks. His work relies heavily on his relationships with Franchisees and operators as they work together to add value to their business.

In addition to his role managing non-traditional restaurants, Steven is a member of the Black Employee Network (BEN) at BK parent company, RBI. BEN is an employee resource group that builds and maintains a positive work environment while supporting the growth of Black Employee Network members, and Steven’s involvement in the BEN is special to him both personally and professionally.

“Speaking freely about work, life, issues, or advice…it has allowed me to spread my wings, learn, and meet other like-minded people under the RBI umbrella. I love the comradery that the group shares.” In fact, he was introduced to the network by two of his colleagues, demonstrating the power of inclusion and friendliness of those he works with.

Being part of the BEN is valuable to Steven because it allows him to celebrate diversity and inclusion. “The ability to find synergy amongst different cultures is a recipe for magic,” Steven says.

His leadership is rooted in actively listening and acknowledging the good in people and situations. Similar to the way he supports Franchisee and operational development, Steven seeks to understand different perspectives of the business which can only come from a diverse team and workplace. His warm approach and friendly demeanor allow him to lead and constructively delegate.

Steven’s leadership is important to Burger King. With his role of managing Non-Traditional restaurants, his job requires him to be a “sponge”. Steven notes that acting as the middle-man between a Franchisee and the brand, he ensures rules are followed and maintained, and that operators can be the best they can be. On his market visits, he looks at the integration of products, images, and operational practices.

In 2024, Steven is looking forward to “Franchisee engagement– we are at a place in the brand where we are naturally picking up momentum because of the alignment from all Teams on KPIs and development. We are on a powerful wave.”

You Rule, Steven!

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