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March 26, 2024

Thought Leadership - Katie Repici

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are proud to continue highlighting women within the Burger King brand, and its incredible charitable arm, the Burger KingFoundation.

Katie Repici is currently the ExecutiveDirector of the Burger King Foundation, having worked in fundraising her entire career growing more appreciative of the sector with each role she has held. Coming up on her second-year anniversary with the brand, Katie has already made her mark, but she feels like the work is just getting started.

Upon Katie’s arrival at Burger King, theFoundation needed some invigoration and long-term strategy to help maximize its potential. As Burger King continues to Reclaim the Flame, the Foundation has required a realignment with the brand. Rooted in the historical significance ofthe Burger King Foundation, Katie and her team are working to increase the impact of the communities Franchisees serve, funneled through the Foundation.

In 2023, the Burger King Foundation raised a record-breaking $8.2 million to support scholarships, emergency relief forTeam Members, and a classroom supply initiative called “Crown a Classroom”. According to Katie, the ethos of the Foundation is “empowering potential”, giving individuals the tools they need to succeed through education.

Katie underscores the importance of having a mass brand like Burger King show up in a meaningful way in the hundreds of communities it serves. “There is a power in companies who do better, stand up for something, support the communities we are in.” That is what is inspiring toKatie – the meaningful impact of her fundraising which comes alive through students receiving scholarships or when classrooms are equipped for a flourishing school year. Katie says, “Every cause is meaningful, it is how you attach yourself to that cause.” And she is attached to the smiles of scholarship recipients and the success stories of their education.

As a female executive leading an all-female team, Katie recognizes the importance of inspiring them, advocating for them, and providing space for them to grow. And, as she reflects on the inspiring women in her own life, she sees it as a puzzle. “From all the females in my life, I have taken pieces and am collecting them…I think of my science teachers, my friend’s mothers, and who I work with.”

Katie is looking forward to what she hopes will be another record-breaking year in 2024, helping more and more people achieve their dreams.

You Rule, Katie!

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