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May 30, 2024

Franchisee Profile - Bonnie Hemrajani

As we celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Month this May, we’re excited to spotlight Bonnie Hemrajani. Bonnie has been a Burger King Franchisee since Oct. 2021, acquiring 15 restaurants across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.While Bonnie joined the brand with no experience in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and was drawn to the strong history of BK and the affordability and reliability that it provides to Guests.

Now, three years later, Bonnie has grown to have a deep appreciation for the brand’s leadership team, the strong commitment BK has to learn and to grow, and the focus on operational excellence and Franchisee profitability.

As a female Franchisee, Bonnie is proud to provide representation to her team and the BK Franchise system, and works hard to promote capable women into leadership positions and help to build their confidence that they can achieve great things and grow within the brand. She also advocates for inclusive behaviors amongst her teams and promotes a culture of active listening and flexibility. “I try to be a strong advocate for them, to fight for them and their growth, and to create a safe space for them where they know there is a zero tolerance toward discrimination.”

When she reflects on her career with Burger King so far, Bonnie is most proud of the strong retention of her Team Members and empowerment of her team. As a leader, she leads with empathy and seeks to understand what each person strives for, noting that you can always find something to relate to someone on.

“It’s important to be an authentic and relatable leader – people buy into the leader first and the vision later,” says Bonnie. “You have to be straightforward and have tough and uncomfortable conversations while taking input, helping people grow, and rewarding and recognizing efforts.”

In terms of advice for anyone aspiring to be a BK Franchisee someday, to Bonnie it’s simple: understand the brand and the market, and once you do, focus on customer service.

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