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April 11, 2024

Franchisee Profile - Tom McDonald

Tom McDonald has been with the Burger King brand for 37 years and since opening his first Burger King restaurant in 1987,Tom has demonstrated a strong commitment to the brand through the development of his restaurants to ensure a great Guest experience.

Throughout his time with the Burger King brand, Tom has been deeply involved with various aspects of the business sitting on several councils to help drive change. Tom is an example of a dynamic leader and a passionate Franchisee, working alongside his partner and son-in-law, Steve Keith since 2008. Both Tom and Steve are focused on efficient operations and continuous development.

Over the last decade, Tom has been a part of the Image Committee for Burger King, helping to create and influence new visual concepts for restaurant integration. “An attractive look, coupled with the involvement and input of both the Franchisees and Burger King corporate is integral in the successful development of modern imagery”, explains Tom. This collaboration was evident with “Sizzle” the brand’s new restaurant image and design, a re-imagined format grounded in all aspects of the Guest and Team Member experience with an emphasis on the digital, pick-up and drive-thru experience.  

Tom played an important role in the development of the “Sizzle” restaurant design, and when asked about his favorite elements, Tom said, “There are two elements that really stand out – the two-story vestibule with the glass crowns and the use of kiosks for Guests when they walk in.” Tom has three new Sizzle restaurants in the works for 2024 – two remodels and one new build.

According to Tom, a modern image goes hand in hand with strong operations. He has noticed that when his team is proud of the environment they work in, it leads to better teamwork and a stronger culture, something he and Steve have worked hard to create within their restaurants.

“We want people to feel good about working here and to be proud, which translates to a positive Guest experience.”

His enthusiasm for the year ahead is contagious as he discusses the initiatives Burger King has planned. “2024 could be a record-breaking year for Franchisee profitability and how we are able to reinvest back into our business.”

You Rule, Tom!

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