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March 1, 2024

Franchisee Profile- Emily Bennett

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are thrilled to spotlight Emily Bennett who is a dynamic operator and leader. Franchisees like Emily Bennett, President and Chairman of the Board at Bennett Management Corp.

When Emily met her husband, Robert Bennett, in 1978, he had been a Burger King Franchisee for more than a decade. As their romance blossomed, so did Emily’s love for the Burger King brand, and throughout their marriage, Emily accompanied Robert to all Burger King conventions, events, and restaurant visits. When he passed in 2013, Emily took over his role at Bennett Management Group.

Since then, Emily has maintained impeccable operations and team culture. She oversees 25 Burger King restaurants throughout Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana and prioritizes visiting the restaurants, being present and engaged, and having an open-door policy where her team can come to her.

“My number one priority is operations that are excellent,” says Emily “If you don’t have strong operations, you don’t have strong sales, which means you cannot reinvest in your business and reward Team Members who make your business successful.” Emily makes it very clear her operations are strong because of the people she works with. From her General Managers to her Team Members, their “professionalism and hard work” contribute to the success of their restaurants.

In her company, Emily talks about having a “high regard for one another” which comes to life through the collaboration of ideas. Her success as a Franchisee is attributed to her dedication to the Burger King brand and those she works with. Emily’s leadership style has been carved throughout her career as a first-grade teacher to her current position. “We have a special culture; we have trust in one another and appreciate each other’s talents.”

In addition to the culture she builds, she also takes pride in being part of a special group of Burger King female Franchisees. “When I hear fellow woman Franchisees speak at Convention and regional meetings, I am proud to be apart of the group. They are bright and see the business through different eyes. ”Her relationship with female Burger King Franchisees is special as she talks about how they all learn from one another, personally and professionally.

When Emily and her team look to the future of the Burger King brand, they are inspired and excited for what’s to come as they Reclaim the Flame.

You Rule, Emily!

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