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December 19, 2023

Thought Leadership: Zahra Nurani

Zahra Nurani’s career in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry began when she was a college intern. She hadn’t planned on working in the restaurant industry but fell in love with the fast-paced environment and ability to understand and impact consumer behavior.

Today, she is the Vice President of Marketing Communications at Burger King North America. Feeling fortunate to have “touched all major areas of marketing” throughout her career, Zahra has worked in social media, digital marketing, consumer insights, advertising, and analytics – many of which are areas she now brings her expertise to at BK. Her holistic background contributed to the collaborative and empathetic leader and dynamic marketer she is today.

Three years into her role at BK, Zahra is clearer than ever on the importance of a Guest-centric mindset. She emphasizes how everything within Marketing Communications is rooted in the Guest – their needs, mindset and what’s relevant.

Nodding to the fast and competitive nature of the QSR business, Zahra recognizes the importance of evolving to consumer desires while remaining true to the brand and its products. An example of this is the now iconic “Whopper Whopper” jingle. Reflecting on the virality of the jingle, Zahra thinks the success was in catering to both the emotional and functional benefits of the Guest – making them feel like royalty at BK, while highlighting our flagship product, the Whopper sandwich.  While the jingle is a career highlight for Zahra, she acknowledges the team effort that goes into every campaign.

“A deep cross-functional collaboration” is Zahra’s daily agenda at BK. She explains how marketing requires all functions of the business to align. Once an idea is conceived, it is worked on by many teams, tested by various departments, and implemented into the calendar, ensuring integration and cohesion across every Guest touchpoint. And, she hopes BK marketing campaigns, “build not just brand fans, but brand advocates” because building brand advocates is only possible knowing Guests are the center of the brand.

Similar to her outlook on Marketing, her leadership style is people-driven, “I always say to my team... one day, I should be working for you.” Learning from the people who mentored her, Zahra believes the desire to teach, give visibility, and get out of your comfort zone are essential for personal and team growth. As a leader, Zahra is confident and inclusive, reminding us all that great ideas come from different places.

Looking into 2024, Zahra is excited for the year ahead and building on the momentum she has helped create. “We’re just getting started – so much more to come, and so much excitement – we are an everyday iconic brand. There is a level of interest that our Guests expect from us which gives us room to have fun.”

You Rule, Zahra!

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